An eco-tourist destination. Ananda Valley is spread over 100 acres, surrounded by hills, and has 5 lakes in side the valley, a zero pollution area. Discover the joys of the countryside, Roam the rolling hills, listen to the birds? song and cool yourself by the lakes. To top it all, savor the taste of authentic native food. Nestled in the foothills of the Sahyadri, in village Kadus, near Rajgurunagar, is the beautiful and evergreen Ananda Valley. Ananda Valley features the beautifully landscaped flora & fauna on the banks of river bhima.

The Valley of joy is a place to enjoy nature, enjoy sports, experience rural lifestyle, slow down the pace of life, Unwind your self from stress of urban lifestyle and breath free. Fly like a bird, roam on the hill and much more?It is an eco-tourist destination, nature?s paradise. Come lets us enjoy this peaceful journey through the passage of time. Ananda Valley is a perfect destination for all EVENTS throughout the year.