Industrial revolution flipped the pages of change throughout the globe and India wasn’t an exception. Though in this changing era industrialization and urbanization are inevitable, one should not deny that India is an agricultural country.
Though the alluring rural Indian scenario is fading rapidly, everybody is still curious about it. To evoke the image of this rural culture of India, VILLAGE PARK near Someshwar Wadi has been contoured. It’s such a village in itself where every aspect of rural culture can be experienced in first hand.
It includes the temple where rituals and sermons are performed daily. The Panchayat with Tanta Mukti Kendra where disputes of villagers are solved mutually. And it will also feature one of the greatest religious movements of India, the “Palkhi “.
The core objective of VILLAGE PARK is to provide the visitor with a nostalgic experience of rural culture, where festivals, rituals and rural heritage are built.So Visit to Village Park Is Must.


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