Framework CompanySumanaBh Framework is a web based Software Product which facilitates us to develop web based software applications with minimum efforts. It takes care of lot of Software Development procedures and Reduces the software development time up to 75% which is just amazing. Start from Database design to Form Layout to Report Design, it handles all the functions and bypassing the direct interaction with code environment.


The main beauty of this Framework is that it backs the software developed on it very efficiently. So after development of complete web software application if customizations are needed it allows us to alter that part of the application without affecting the entire software application as it takes care for all the backside reflections. That’s why customizations are not a painful process in SumanaBh ERP and CRM.


Contact Details:
Address: Office No.1 Anant Manohar, S. No 78, Plot no 171 + 158, Above Balaji Automobiles, Left Bhusari Colony, Kothrud depot, Pune 411 038, India
Phone: +91 98225 54411