Best Playgroup Schools" A Home Away from Home " where one can entrust about their child's care. We believe that every child is born with unlimited potential which needs encouragement to make them an outstanding individual. We provide them space to develop their journey of learning at their own pace. Every child is given a healthy, happy and respectful environment so that they can learn things by play. Our place provides a place for fun with safety and security . All our staff is provided with respectful and friendly work place and they contribute in developing their skills; as an individual and as a team. We assure that parents can leave their child with peace of mind in our safe and happy environment.

Philosophy / Approach     

This organization was started in June 2006 with an aim of providing dedicated services to working parents with assurance of safety for their precious child. Working parents running a nuclear family need a clean, hygienic, healthy atmosphere, basic cultural values and good learning for their little one. Through our working and dedicated services we help parents to work in a guilt free atmosphere.

Contact Details

Address : Gajanan Hsg Soc, Bungalow No., 4 Model Colony, Pune  411 016.

Phone : 7276092635

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