Pune's First ever Liquid Nitrogen Dessert Shop. Can Ice-Cream be Healthy? Nutritive? Calorie Free? Yes! It Can...When it’s Creamicals! Freeze Your Freshness Moment With Your Spoonful of Magic Introducing the latest in Ice-cream technology. The Ice-cream Gen-Next! Ice-cream that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze milk and Fresh fruits at such low temperature, that no stabilizer or artificial ingredient is required to create this mystical magic. What’s more is that, since it is created instantly, no preservative needs to be added to keep it fresh. You get to enjoy the wholesome goodness of milk and fruits, in its most natural form. The Fresh fruits makes it ideal for the ones who love a taste of nature and lack of artificial sweeteners the perfect dessert for the health conscious. A wonderful, taste bud tingling experience and a treat for the eyes awaits you only at Creamicals. Spoonful of Magic

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Address : Shop No 68 , A-2, Girija Shankar Vihar, Karvenagar 411 052
Telephone : +918698677336