The Empress garden is basically a botanical garden, having pretty lawns. Botanical gardens are manicured and artificially set, and so is the Empress laid out on a 24 hectare patch of land - well, quite a large patch. One of the wonders of the garden is the array of tall trees that give a majestic look of the overall plot. Decorated with countless flowers and plants, the garden looks as if a bouquet set by some hard workers, just for the visitors. A lotus pool, right in the kernel of the garden, serves as the most unique feature of the Empress Garden in Pune that makes it incomparable to the other tourist attractions of the city. The lotus pond cradles a statue of Queen Victoria, which clearly justifies the name of the garden - Empress. Also, there is a fountain that elevates the charm of the pond and the entire garden area. There is a small area at the back of the garden plot, which is secluded and by the look of it, the place seems like a jungle. Trees here have long barks hanging from tall branches onto the ground, which gives it the appearance of a forest. There is a small toy bridge for the fun of children in the garden. Also, for those who may take longer than planned in the garden, which is obvious, there is a Snack Bar in a separate part of the garden premises, to munch and brunch, and also have some rest.

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Address :Near Race-Course,Pune- 411 001