The actual fortification features a substantial form, as an arrowhead, directing towards to the north. Somebody offers explained this particular being an gazelle directing towards tyrant Moguls associated with to the north, intimidating regarding Shivaji Maharaj. It really is between regarding 7-8 castles in the area, as well as had been made to officer the town associated with Junnar and also the historic path associated with Naneghat. Through the the top of fortification we are able to possess a see associated with Lenyadri, the popular pilgrimage and also the Large Out of this world Radio stations Telescopes associated with Narayangaon. Shiv Janmasthan: This is actually the put on the actual fortification in which the delivery associated with Shivaji Maharaj happened. This particular location is termed because Shiv Mandir. In front of Shiv Mandir there exists a massive drinking water container. Kadelot stage: This is actually the location wherever criminals had been reprimanded through tossing all of them over the fortification. This time is actually within the north finish from the fortification. Shiv Kunj: Shiv Kunj is really a batiment built through the local government, honoring Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Within Shiv Kunj it has an ideal associated with Réception Shivaji as well as Jijabai made from "Panchdhatu" (An blend associated with five alloys. )Kamani Masjid: Before Shiv Kunj upon can easily see this particular Kamani Masjid. It may happen to be called Kamani since the best of the framework is similar to ribbon and bow which is known as because Kaman within Hindi. Within the east-facing walls it has an wording within Urdu. Bolada Jamuna: They are water cisterns at the rear of the actual Shiv Kunj. Drinking water during these cisterns is actually admisible. Upon entire associated with Shivneri advantages compared to ten drinking water storage containers. Koli Chauthara: This particular batiment is made within the location wherever Mughals wiped out a large number of Koli troops back in 1650. Ambarkhana: Each and every fortification should have the stockroom because of its storage space associated with grain as well as foods. Ambarkhana may be the location wherever large amount associated with feed could be saved. The actual caretakers right here bare this location really thoroughly clean.

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