Best College Of Home ScienceHome Science as a field in education has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a domestic skill oriented course offering inputs in housekeeping, home decoration, cookery, child rearing, stitching etc. Such an education was appropriate in the past since it helped to draw women out of their homes to improve the skills that had been handed down to them by the elderly women in the family.

S.N.D.T. College of Home Science offers a broad-based course that gives students exposure to "real life lessons" and skills to give them confidence to face the world as informed citizens. Today's world demands flexibility and response to change for which many are not prepared. Home Science course is designed to train women to meet these changes with confidence. It promotes individual character development, increases one's professional skills, develops insights into home and family living, and prepares its students to enter a wide range of career options. As a profession, Home Science applies the findings of the physical, biological, and social sciences to improving the quality and standards of individual and family life.


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