Woodland is one of only a few major outdoor industry brands in the World, to have its own integrated manufacturing facilities. This allows us to test proprietary production techniques and fully develop and commercialize our innovative products. We also have product assembled in seven countries around the world by high quality, experienced manufacturers. We prefer to have control at every stage of our products design and development. We also have one quality standard and it applies to all our products regardless of location or facility.


Woodland refuses to compromise quality or performance for any reason, and all of our products meet the highest quality standards for outdoor performance. Woodland strives to continually become more aware of and sensitive to the environmental impact of our business practices. We evaluate our processes and continually implement new strategies to improve efficiencies and minimize our ecological footprint. Woodland designs and constructs products to perform better and last longer. We believe that a high quality product that retains its performance properties and aesthetic appeal for many years is more environmentally responsible than one that must be replaced frequently due to inferior materials or poor workmanship. Our goal is to substantially reduce the amount of materials used over time, and the energy consumed to manufacture and distribute those materials and products. Each year as we grow, we become more capable of working towards tangible, positive changes in our environmental practices. We have already made strong steps in the right direction and continue to explore new ways to become better stewards. We have partnered with several national and international organisations and introduced alternatives under our Proplanet initiative to reduce our operational impact on the environment and consciously work towards a sustainable future. We continue to search for eco friendly materials and processes that meet or exceed our performance standards.


All our product hangtags, as well as our company business cards are printed on certified 100% post consumer recycled paper. To reduce the total amount of paper used in our marketing materials, and the energy consumed to make and recycle them we are moving towards more electronic billing, publishing and communication. This will offer consumers greater information at their fingertips, while reducing the volumes of our printed materials. Whether it’s a lightweight jacket for active pursuits or a summit tested parka for the coldest places on earth, our focus is on creating truly functional solutions for outdoor and adventure enthusiast. Woodland will maintain an unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainable business practices and keep its tradition of promoting outdoor and adventure sports worldwide while reinforcing the Woodland brand mantra, Explore More.


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Address : Shop No. 2, Ground Floor, Wing B, Near PMT Bus Stand, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411 038

Phone Number : 020 6640 7776

Website : www.woodlandworldwide.com